Who is born of God and cannot sin?

We have heard so much about being "born again." What's up with that? It is thought that once you profess that Jesus is Lord, or something like that, you are in! Then this morning (from audio selection below) I read that those born of God cannot sin. I'd like to meet that person. (btw - Elsewhere in the same book it says anyone who claims he is without sin is a liar!)

The explanation in 1st Edition of Science and Health I find very helpful. Jesus did not think of himself as a person, but as Truth and Love in operation: "I am the way, the truth and the life." He never wanted us to believe in and follow a person named Jesus, but rather he wanted us to follow in the way, living the Principle which he embodied - that which is born of God. No material person was ever born of God!

I John 3  

So in listening to this passage, if we recognize that John is not talking about a select group who are the sons of God based upon what they believe, but upon those who embody the Principle which Jesus expressed, it should make a lot more sense. 

Embodying the Principle requires constant checking ourselves, ensuring that we are not operating from a self-centered sense where God is our servant, meeting our demands (in prayer) while we enjoy the high regard of others for our much good!! but rather we are striving to listen to His requirements, and striving to fulfill them, and as we do, our life is born of God - but don't count on the world knowing you as such for it did not even recognize Jesus.