Charity or nothing!

According to our audio selection today, you can speak beautifully, be able to prophesy about the future, have a great understanding of metaphysics, etc., faith to move mountains!!, generous with your money, even sacrifice your body - but without charity, it is worth zippo!!

I Corinthians 13


What is this charity? Yes, love, but surely much more that what is commonly thought of as love! In 1st Edition of Science and Health, it is often referred to as Principle, as opposed to personal sense.

The usual kind of love is wrapped up in this "personal sense" thing - a self-awareness that loves on its own terms, from the standpoint of a self apart from God - "I will do this good in your name, for you, God."

Principle, Love, is divine, and recognizes no self apart from God. Profoundly different, it responds to need as Principle compels, with no consideraton of reward or recognition or self-satisfaction. "It can do none other." This is doing the will of God, and personal sense knows nothing of it even though it thinks it does.