The purpose of this website is to provide an uncluttered view of Truth - uncluttered by creeds and dogma, institutional restrictions, group culture/habits of thinking, etc. and wide open to independent thinking. Our model is the 1st Edition of Science and Health, a book revolutionary in 1875, and still so - a book authored by Mary Baker Glover, a lone woman with no support group, no religious affiliation, but a revelation that cuts through 1800 years of theological thinking, and presents the science behind Jesus' life,  teaching, and healing.

The book is a harsh critic of churches and religions in general, for their lack of practical Christianity, their lack of demonstrable spiritual power. She recognized the understanding of Truth an individual's right and responsibility. We firmly believe that if the author had had access to today's internet, she would never have established a church. The church institution was the only vehicle available to her to insure the world would hear of her precious revelation.

In the present age of the internet, there is an extraordinary opportunity to enable the individual to discover and understand Truth on his or her own terms, which, ultimately, is the only way it can ever be done.