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TEXT:  from S&H

Every object in material thought will be destroyed, but
the spiritual idea, whose substance is in Mind, is eternal...
When examined in the light of divine Science, mortals
present more than is detected upon the surface, since
inverted thoughts and erroneous beliefs must
be counterfeits of Truth. Thought is bor-
rowed from a higher source than matter, and
by reversal, errors serve as waymarks to the one Mind,
in which all error disappears in celestial Truth. The
robes of Spirit are "white and glistering," like the raiment
of Christ. Even in this world, therefore, "let thy gar-
ments be always white." "Blessed is the man that en-
dureth [overcometh] temptation: for when he is tried,
[proved faithful], he shall receive the crown of life,
which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." (James i. 12.)


No quotes please. Bring examples in your own experience of:

1. objects in material thought destroyed

2. by reversal, errors serving as waymarks

Hi-lites of session on Waymarks to the one Mind  

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