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In addition to a hymn, and some readings to establish the atmosphere, we will welcome a testimony or two.


Gethsemane glorified

During his night of gloom and glory in the garden, Jesus realized the utter error of a belief in any possible material intelligence. The pangs of neglect and the staves of bigoted ignorance smote him sorely. His students slept. He said unto them: "Could Ye not watch with me one hour?" Could they not watch with him who, waiting and struggling in voiceless agony, held uncomplaining guard over a world?  There was no response to that human yearning, and so Jesus turned forever away from earth to heaven, from sense to Soul. Remembering the sweat of agony which fell in holy benediction on the grass of Gethsemane, shall the humblest or mightiest disciple murmur when he drinks from the same cup, and think, or even wish, to escape the exalting ordeal of sin's revenge on its destroyer? Truth and Love bestow few palms until the consummation of a life-work. (S&H)


1. What strikes you most in this paragraph, and explain why, and how you can use it in your experience?

2. "Sin's revenge on its destroyer." What that all about? "Exalting ordeal?"

3. "Few palms until the consummation of a life-work?" Why bother, then?


Hi-lites of session on Gethsemane  


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