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  • accountability

  • Adversity

    It is most important to have a healthy attitude about adversity. Whining does not cut it!

  • Affections

    Of the heart.

  • Animal magnetism

    I think it is my own mind. "The sum total of all error, and that in itself nothing until you attach belief to it." Blue Book 258.

  • carnal mind

  • Chance

    Is there any dividing line between chance and no such thing as chance? We think not.

  • Charity

    Charity is love in line with God is love.

  • Choice

    Free choice is what some believe God gave us. Does the principle of mathematics give us free choice to make a mistake?

  • Christ Jesus

    Jesus never referred to himself as a person, but as the operation of divine Principle.

  • Church

    Brick and mortar or "The structure of Truth and Love. Whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Love."(S&H)

  • Communication

    Inescapable requirement for mankind

  • Compassion

  • Condemnation

    God never condems man; sin is punished until forsaken; self-condemnation is animal magnetism

  • Consciousness

    Undefined by physics and yet perhaps the most basic element of our existence.

  • consuming fire

    God is a consuming fire

  • Covenant

    Like a contract - in our context, usaully a contract with God.

  • Desperation

    "Man's extremity is God's opportunity" S&H. It is an opportunity because being desperate reaches the heart. Better than being a stiff-necked metaphysician.

  • Dishonesty

    Spiritual weakness which forfeits Divine help

  • Divine Love

    Universal love, "God is love" (I John) - "underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being."(S&H)

  • Divine Science

    That which we know of God, the divine Principle of the universe

  • God

  • Government

    Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God's government. (S&H)

  • Gratitude

    If gratitude is not coming forth then are we recognizing, and putting into practice, what we have received?

  • guidance

    the Way

  • Guilt

    Not a nice burden to have!

  • Happiness

    Happiness is a desirable outcome of right thinking, not a goal in itself.

  • hate

  • Hatred

    Hatred - how to deal with it?

  • heart

  • honesty

  • Human will-power

    Strong reliance on personal will-power results in separation from God.

  • Humility

    Becoming child like. Trust in the Father. "I can of mine own self do nothing" John 5:30. Truth is operating even if we do not see how that is possible; it must be operating.

  • Intellectual

    Regarding life situations as in a laboratory. "Thought must always be spontaneous with the individual, or it will not be thought. Your Mind alone can think for you." Eustace

  • intentions

    good or bad?

  • Intolerance

    Bears considering, since intolerance is considered a very bad thing on the one hand, but very good on the other.

  • jealousy

  • Law of Reversal

    There is a suppositional law of reversal. The belief is, you have something good; the suppositional law of reversal reverses it. The true law of reversal: anything that is wrong, by the true law of reversal, must be corrected. Just like a math mistake, you just cannot leave it there. God's law of reversal corrects it.

  • laws of the universe

  • Leaven

    Change in the way we think and feel about things.

  • liberty

  • matter

  • Medical

    "Be not conformed to this world" Romans. To the extent someone may be conformed to this world, medical treatment is wise. It is a cross to bear to "be not conformed to this world" but for those willing to take such steps, living above corporeal sense and associated laws is possible.

  • Mental Manipulation

    Using your will-power to make things happen or being manipulated by someone else is bad news!

  • misconceptions

  • objectivity

  • Old Theology

    Jesus died for our sins, giving the impression that accepting Jesus frees us from sin. Understanding on the part of someone else (Jesus) cannot take the place of understanding on my part. "If ye love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15.

  • Oneness

  • Out-of-body experience

    Not so strange.

  • Pride

    Getting rid of it paramount to spiritual growth

  • Principle

    Principle - a synonym for God - that which holds the spiritual universe in Love

  • Progress

    A law of God!

  • Religion

    Human tendency to define, formalize, infinite God.

  • Temptation

    Who has not been tempted? Just remember it is not God who tempts!

  • Testimonies of healing

    It is mesmerism that says man is sick. CS is the statement of Truth that breaks the mesmerism.

  • The CS Culture

    a veil over the Truth; a misconception about real Science; the opposite of what is real; a stumbling block

  • Thinking

    Constantly going on...

  • True Christianity

    The standard of true Christianity is far more real, more practical, than profession.

  • trust

  • truth

    know it

  • Tyranny

    Nasty stuff! Fear and limitation. Government without God/Principle leads to tyranny.

  • unmerited favor

  • Warfare

    Spirit vs matter; Truth vs error; what to expect

  • Watching

    Watching requires, first feeling the threat, then handling it - identifying the aggressive mental suggestion and bringing into the light of God/Truth where it is consumed by Love.

  • Will of God

    The importance of "not my will, but thine, be done." (Luke)

  • Worship

    Worshipping God is an expression of Soul, not a profession.

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