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Bad Habits

  • A Guilty Conscience - the ultimate psyche-out?

    "It were better to be exposed to every plague on earth than to endure the cumulative effects of a guilty conscience. The abiding consciousness of wrong-doing tends to destroy the ability to do right.” (S&H) Pretty strong stuff!

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  • Breaking a hypnotic spell

    How do I know I am hypnotized?

    1. When I seem to have lost a sense of the presence of God.

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  • Can the infinite just sit there forever?

    "The floodtides of Life, Truth, and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness." (MBE)

    Could it be otherwise? Can the infinite just sit there for ever? What a bore that would be! For that matter, can consciousness stay put? Try it! Ain't gonna happen.

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  • Doing because you are supposed to is a state of weakness

    Too often folks act because they think they are supposed to - supposed to love, supposed to study their Bible, etc., supposed to go to church, supposed to discipline someone or supposed to not discipline! etc.

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  • Enough with the accusations!

    It is a great step forward when we learn to "hear" the accuser, and recognize it for what it is, and neutralize it, defang it, destroy it.

    The accuser can be quite subtle, but when it is found out, it is the great red dragon, which accuses day and night, as described in Revelation. Today, people take prescription drugs to assuage the anxiety, and this makes the red dragon very happy because the victim is in its grasp, self-absorbed.

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  • False prophet - playing God

    The false prophet is that which presents itself as good, and assumes the role of God in guiding others. Underneath it’s facade, it despises individual freedom as an interference to its goals. It is the most dangerous form of evil because it appears good. Only spiritual sense perceives its wickedness.

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  • False sense of responsibility a bugger

    Ever thought of worrying as a presumptuous sin? Is it not feeling responsible for something over which you have no control? How often have I caught myself in this predicament - feeling responsible but helpless in being able to do anything about it? and then the ensuing guilt!

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  • Fresh look at a tiresome subject!

    Sin is an unpopular subject these days - "old" Christian theology has beaten it to death, and people are tired of regularly asking for forgiveness. It does not make a lot of sense, because there is no end in sight - just more sin.

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  • Happiness is a choice

    Yesterday at the super-market, I commented to the guy manning the register that he and the others seemed to be in good spirits. His quick response was: "Happiness is a choice." When the customer next to me suggested it is not always easy, he insisted, "Sure it is. We just make it difficult for ourselves." "Comes from within, not from the things around us," I chimed in. He nodded in agreement.

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  • Has your concept of God ever changed?

    We are taught that there is only one God. What we have not been taught is that we all have a different conception of God!! What blasphemy, they say. We have one, and only one Lord. But since we are all in different states and stages of consciousness... And since God is generally considered infinite, that is a rather large concept for each and every mortal to grasp uniformly!

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  • How meditation, studying can be counterproductive

    "I feel so good after meditating, or spending time ensconced in the books, reading the Holy Bible, etc. But my life is full of unsolved problems." What is going on here?

    The general drift with meditation is that you clear your thought of busyness, especially of negative thoughts, and you bathe in the goodness of God - or some such thing.

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  • How to speak so that it counts for something

    We have all felt the hurt of insensitive talk - and hopefully we have felt the pain of our own insensitivity in saying something that put a stone on another's heart - I say hopefully, because it takes a hardened heart to be oblivious to the impact of one's own words.

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  • Not IF but WHEN we are tempted

    Many of us have an inbred, silly optimism that because I am a good person, it will never happen to me... re temptation of the self-destructive nature. This is exemplified in our trust in government: "They would never do that because it is against the law." Yeah, right!

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  • Overcoming bad personality traits

    Today someone was telling me that she had to overcome certain negative personality traits. It sounded like a rather heavy trip - sort of like trying to be redeemed from original sin!

    I suggested she not talk about this overcoming thing, all the while embracing the traits - but rather quietly declare that, since God never made them nor gave them to her, they had no real legitimacy, because she belongs to God. 

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  • Possession nine tenths of the law

    Too often we carry around a list of character traits and habits which we own. The undesirable ones we may even hate and make sporadic attempts to get rid of, but all the while we are in a state of possession. Is it any wonder they cling to us so tenaciously? "Possession is nine tenths of the law" applies here!

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  • Subject: Harmony

    Do a search on harmony in S&H. Then compile a reading or two and find a correlative or two in the Bible which has no usage of the term harmony.

    The idea is to get a better sense of harmony and what it entails, how it belongs in our life.

    PLAYBACK of session on Harmony  

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  • The danger of family traits

    Family traits can be the convenient justification for the worst behavior and have the effect of enslaving the individual to a lie. The nature of family relationships tends to repeat the lie over and over until it is accepted as Gospel! Where is God in this? Nowhere! In fact it is a denial of God’s government of man, a denial of man’s inherent individuality as an idea of God.

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  • The law to adversity

    If our starting point is a good God which never causes evil, what are we to do with adversity? Let's see now. We could bitch and moan, whimper, or perhaps condemn ourselves for letting bad things happen - OR, we could decide right then and there to get the full blessing from the experience. There is no doubt that the first responses listed here make us miserable and leave us only with a bag of troubles. The latter response aligns us with the Principle of the universe, and invariably leads us to a better place.

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  • What can we do to help?

    Passing an accident on the highway, reading doomsday news reports, listening to a friend’s list of woes… What can we do to help?

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  • Why bother with the will of God?

    A fascinating statement from Martin Armstrong’s blog "The Closed Mind Discovers Nothing but Bias": "there is an interesting order being masked as chaos…fundamental to everything… the appearance of randomness has led many to assume that the world is subject to our will, and therefore, we can manipulate the world, including the economy, to do as we desire. This is just not true.” (emphasis added)

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