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Empirical Evidence

  • Can the invisible be trusted?

    In this age when empirical knowledge is king, when folks trust in science as the hope of mankind, it is not surprising that God has taken a back seat. After all, there is no evidence that He exists! And reality is defined by empirical evidence, right! God is best suited to dealing with death, and the belief of after-life - once science has given up and hands the body over to the priest.

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  • Does empirical evidence define your reality?

    "we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." (Paul)

    (from S&H)

    Question. — Do the five corporeal senses constitute man?

    Answer. — Christian Science sustains with immortal proof the impossibility of any material sense, and defines
 these so-called senses as mortal beliefs, the
 testimony of which cannot be true either of
 man or of his Maker. The corporeal senses can take no
 cognizance of spiritual reality and immortality. Nerves have no more sensation, apart from what belief bestows upon them, than the fibres of a plant. Mind alone
 possesses all faculties, perception, and comprehension.


    1. Consider the difference between the 23rd Psalm and the evidence of the physical senses. Can they coexist in thought? Give some examples to support your conclusion.

    2. How is one to function in the world without the five corporeal senses? - in making a living, in human interaction, in caring for your body...

    3. Search S&H for the use of "nerve" and share your findings - what resonates with you.

    Playback of Session on Being absent from the body  

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