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  • Democratic process or a few “smart” people

    I remember flying across the US on a perfectly clear day, looking down at the cities, the towns, the hamlets, the farms - the vast variety of life-styles, geography, etc. and marveling. Who dare think they would know what was best for all these people? Only incredible arrogance!

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  • Globalization - conspiracy or natural course?

    The assumption is that organizing mankind under one government will obviate nasty power struggles among nations and peoples, enable the proper distribution of goods across all mankind, eliminate poverty, control climate change, etc.

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  • How to compile a good watch

    TEXT: (offered notes from one of our participants) - China reportedly is overtaking our commerce, buying up many of our companies,etc., and the U.S. government seems not to care. This Country was initiated by God in the first place and He wants it to succeed. God, being all there is, is really our government. Know that Principle rules. Evil,seen as a hidden take-over, has no place in God's domain. These statements cannot be reversed. /// "The law of God cannot be made flexible. (What has the law of God to do with China buying up America?) Everything! In contra-disdinction to material law, spiritual law is inflexible. It is never two-sided, nor can it be made to conform to human desire or will. It is the law of divine Principle, the law of absolute Truth, the law of immutable Love, the law of eternal Life. There is no law too insidious or too deeply rooted to be made to yield to this immutable law of God, good." WPA  

    DISCUSSION: We want to take the good (Principle) in this text, throw out the bad (any personal sense), and compile a powerful watch, stating the claim to be handled, opening with the absolute truth, handling the claim, finishing with the absolute truth.

    Hi-lites of session on Compiling a good watch  

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  • Readings on divine justice

    Jeanne will provide the readings.

    Please be ready to share how the last session on motives has changed you - and any other experience/healing.

    Playback of session on divine justice  

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  • World peace/Globalism at any cost?

    There are those who earnestly believe that any action would be justified - including World War III! - to convince the general population that globalism is the answer to so many of the problems of mankind.

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