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  • Human platitudes or divine beatitudes?


    "Not human platitudes, but divine beatitudes, reflect the spiritual light and might which heal
 the sick." (S&H)


    1. Look up the definitions of platitude and beatitude. Can you tell the difference when you hear yourself or others?

    2. Bring a selection from the Bible with correlative passage to illustrate.

    3. Be ready to share a testimony of recent healing. Platitude - "the quality or state of being dull or insipid" - unacceptable!

    Playback of Session on Human platitudes or divine beatitudes  

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  • Inspiration on demand

    A common thought is that inspiration has a mind of its own, so to speak, and appears on its own terms. In other words, you cannot call it up on demand. But if Spirit, God, is the source of inspiration, surely we can expect more than randomness. What might be the principle behind inspiration?

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  • Realization vs Understanding vs Knowing

    What might be the difference between realization, understanding and knowing? - using the woman's WWII experience (read in last session) as backdrop...

    Hi-lites of session on Realization vs understanding vs knowing  

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