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Law of Reversal

  • Reversing the false testimony

    TEXTS  (from the textbook)"Divine Science reverses the false testimony of the material senses, and thus tears away the foundations of error. Hence the enmity between Science and the senses, and the impossibility of attaining perfect understanding till the errors of sense are eliminated."

    "Only by the illumination of the spiritual sense, can the light of understanding be thrown upon this Science, because Science reverses the evidence before the material senses and furnishes the eternal interpretation of God and man."

    EXERCISE:Bring a specific example of this in your own experience. Identify the false testimony, then reverse it. A reading selection or two is also welcome, but be sure the emphasis is on your own experience.



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  • The simplicity that is in Christ - the Sermon on the Mount

    Miki will be providing the readings. Please bring your own offering as well (not reading)

    Playback of session on the simplicity that is in Christ  

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