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  • Just how important is motive?

    Does it really matter what the motive is as long as the job gets done? Take a simple example - saying thank you to someone. In one case, it is a matter of custom and not heart-felt, in another it is to please the person, and in another case it is a genuine expression of gratitude, a recognition of the love expressed. We all know the difference. The first is sort of a dead ceremony - blah, blah; the second feels a little uncomfortable; the last motive touches the heart - feels good all around.

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  • Legitimacy of motives

    Look for examples of legitimate and illegitimate motives in the Bible, and find some correlatives in S&H.

    The goal here is to become more aware of our own motives, more discerning between the good and bad ones.

    Playback of session on Legitimacy of motives  

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  • Readings on divine justice

    Jeanne will provide the readings.

    Please be ready to share how the last session on motives has changed you - and any other experience/healing.

    Playback of session on divine justice  

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  • Wartime experience to learn from

    This will be a definite change of pace - we will read the entire testimony p.136-145 in Century of Christian Science Healing - to see how a grain of Christian Science can do wonders.

    Hi-lites of session on Wartime experience to learn from  

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  • Who has seen the wolf in sheep's clothing?

    We will have a short testimonial session for those who have seen the wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Hi-lites of session on Recognizing the wolf in sheep's clothing  

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