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  • Are you challenged when you study?

    One of the biggest traps for those who "study" Christian Science is to get a high from it - a high which actually stunts spiritual growth! If the study does not translate into a change in how we think and act once we leave the proverbial "prayer chair," then it is actually harmful, for it produces self-satisfaction in place of spiritual growth!!

    Please bring something from your study of Science and Health that challenges you, NOT something you agree with - something you realize you do not do, NOT something that you are already do.

    Once you find the challenge, look for something in the Bible and or S&H that may help in facing the challenge.

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  • Love is supply meeting demand

    Supply and demand are widely accepted as economic drivers, but not so much in our daily living. Maybe they should be.

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  • Ultimate antidote for loneliness and desolation

    Lonely? Is it because there is noone around who cares about you? Why then are some of the most popular, outgoing people the loneliest? 

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