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  • Hezekiah's legacy for us

    Research Hezekiah for your favorite takeaway. There is so much in his life story. 

    Also, be ready to "praise the Lord" - to share some good.



    Hi-lites of session on Hezekiah's legacy for us  

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  • Jehoshaphat part 2 - consensus useless without honesty

    Two kings, Jehoshaphat and Ahab, sitting on their thrones, “clothed in their robes," want to know whether God wants them to go into battle or not (actually Ahab wants confirmation of his desire to do so). 400 prophets are called in, and they tell Ahab exactly what he wants to hear.

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  • Subject: Harmony

    Do a search on harmony in S&H. Then compile a reading or two and find a correlative or two in the Bible which has no usage of the term harmony.

    The idea is to get a better sense of harmony and what it entails, how it belongs in our life.

    PLAYBACK of session on Harmony  

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  • Subject: Ingratitude

    Please bring selections from the Bible and correlative passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to "handle" the sin of ingratitude.

    In total, we should cover how ingratitude enters, why it is deadly, and what is its antidote. Obviously each contributor cannot cover all this - just take the angle that "lights up" for you and we will let divine Mind complete the picture.

    Hi-lites of session on Ingratitude  


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