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Spiritual sense

  • Can reading or listening interfere with communion?

    Constant reading or watching YouTube or TV or listening to podcasts, etc., dulls spiritual sense and shuts out God. It clutters up consciousness. How can we possibly discern the voice within when the senses are in a state of constant bombardment? How can we hear that still small voice of the One that tells us we are loved of Love, warns us of approaching enemies, guides us in the way?

    That constant search for satisfaction, for direction, for inspiration, etc. outside of ourselves is corrected by Jesus: "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." This is a clear indication that the kingdom of God is not an after-life thing, but something we can aspire to here and now, as we pay attention to the voice within, as we are honest to our heart, as we shut out "the accuser" which would condemn us day and night, as we are faithful to the truth we know.

    In this secret place of the most High, the cacaphony of the physical senses has ceased, and Immanuel, or "God with us" is felt.



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  • Does empirical evidence define your reality?

    "we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." (Paul)

    (from S&H)

    Question. — Do the five corporeal senses constitute man?

    Answer. — Christian Science sustains with immortal proof the impossibility of any material sense, and defines
 these so-called senses as mortal beliefs, the
 testimony of which cannot be true either of
 man or of his Maker. The corporeal senses can take no
 cognizance of spiritual reality and immortality. Nerves have no more sensation, apart from what belief bestows upon them, than the fibres of a plant. Mind alone
 possesses all faculties, perception, and comprehension.


    1. Consider the difference between the 23rd Psalm and the evidence of the physical senses. Can they coexist in thought? Give some examples to support your conclusion.

    2. How is one to function in the world without the five corporeal senses? - in making a living, in human interaction, in caring for your body...

    3. Search S&H for the use of "nerve" and share your findings - what resonates with you.

    Playback of Session on Being absent from the body  

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  • Enrich the affections of all mankind


    "And may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind." (from the Daily Prayer, Manual)


    What would prevent the divine revelation of Christian Science from reaching mankind? Identify a specific example and construct a treatment to "handle" it.

    The treatment should begin and end with an absolute statement. The specific example should be addressed and reversed after the opening absolute statement.


    Hi-lites of session on Enriching the affections of all mankind  

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  • How does one differentiate between good and evil?

    You have to be pretty bigoted to claim to know exactly where good ends and evil begins. Shakespeare recognized "There is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so." This is the human condition! So how can we discern what we need to.

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  • How to think?

    I was speaking with someone recently who was bewailing the fact that people in general are never taught how to think. Some folks think, think, think but are just spinning their wheels, not getting anywhere. Others think themselves into a box, and are limited on all sides. Others go from one problem to another and never seem to get a break. We might say these are all victims of their own thinking.

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  • Identify the lie for Truth to correct


    "Truth should, and does, drive error out of all selfhood. Truth is a two-edged sword, guarding and guiding. Truth places the cherub wisdom at the gate of understanding to note the proper guests. Radiant with mercy and justice, the sword of Truth gleams afar and indicates the infinite distance between Truth and error, between the material and spiritual, — the unreal and the real." S&H  


    1. Where is the selfhood referred to in our Text?

    2. Identify at least one lie in the world today and apply the appropriate truth. In identifying the lie, all sense of person, place, or thing must be "abstracted out."  ("It is neither person, place, nor thing, but is simply a belief, an illusion of material sense."S&H)  

    3. What does "the cherub wisdom at the gate of understanding" look like to you?

    Hi-lites of session on Identify the lie for Truth to correct  



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  • In search of a reliable guidance system

    The following offers an intriguing example of why we should strive not to rely on the obvious:

    "Basic pilot training is for 'VFR' (visual flight rules) and if you’re not trained to fly 'IFR' (instrument flight rules) then clouds can and will kill you, because without a visual horizon to track, your instincts and senses will promptly start telling you lies about your airplane’s attitude and behavior, and if you’re not trained to override those gut feelings, and follow what the instruments say, then you are asking for a controlled flight into terrain." - from Where Have All the Pilots Gone? by Jon Evans

    When everything is clear, we seem to get away with the visual approach. But introduce clouds or some sort of interference, and the visual input can be totally misleading and the educated response, referred to here as instinct and gut feelings, potentially disastrous. The cultivated spiritual sense relies upon an internal instrument panel that is always present and is not influenced by the input of the physical senses, knowing how deceptive they can be!

    Jesus is the ultimate example. In a bustling crowd he detected a woman who touched him in the hope of getting healed. When feeding the 5000, he ignored the limited supply and provided for all. In rebuking the scribes and pharisees, he was not impressed with their position as the educated and good people of the time. In facing his crucifixion, he never wavered in an effort to avoid the experience, knowing that it was for the affirmation of his mission, not the nullification of it!

    The takeaway? "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." (St.Paul) Here is some practical guidance for walking in the Spirit:

    "Anatomy, when conceived of spiritually, is mental self-

    knowledge, and consists in the dissection of thoughts to

    discover their quality, quantity, and origin.
    Are thoughts divine or human? That is the

    important question. This branch of study is indispen-

    sable to the excision of error. The anatomy of Christian

    Science teaches when and how to probe the self-in-
    flicted wounds of selfishness, malice, envy, and hate. It

    teaches the control of mad ambition. It unfolds the

    hallowed influences of unselfishness, philanthropy, spir-

    itual love. It urges the government of the body both

    in health and in sickness." (S&H)

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  • Reversing the false testimony

    TEXTS  (from the textbook)"Divine Science reverses the false testimony of the material senses, and thus tears away the foundations of error. Hence the enmity between Science and the senses, and the impossibility of attaining perfect understanding till the errors of sense are eliminated."

    "Only by the illumination of the spiritual sense, can the light of understanding be thrown upon this Science, because Science reverses the evidence before the material senses and furnishes the eternal interpretation of God and man."

    EXERCISE:Bring a specific example of this in your own experience. Identify the false testimony, then reverse it. A reading selection or two is also welcome, but be sure the emphasis is on your own experience.



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  • Seeing spiritually exercise

    TEXT: "We apprehend Life in divine Science only as we live above corporeal sense and correct it." S&H


    What is corporeal sense?

    Please consider how you live above corporeal sense and correct it. 

    PLAYBACK #77


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  • There is always something you can do

    In our last post, we addressed the ability to sense the approach of danger, but we left off what to do about it.

    We ought to ask ourselves, Would a good God provide us with the ability (spiritual sense) to sense danger and then leave us helpless? Impossible! The suggestion that we can do nothing, that we are helpless, is framed by the devil, so-to-speak. It is the nature of the evil one, or the one evil, to mesmerize into inactivity. When we are wise to this, we will have confidence in our God-given ability to overcome the danger.

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  • Virtual reality - really?

    Basic idea of virtual reality is to feed the physical senses with fabricated input in order to experience something that is not actually happening. Sound right? Gaming (computer games) is all about virtual reality.

    Well I was thinking about the 23rd Psalm - "The Lord is my shepherd"

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  • Wartime experience to learn from

    This will be a definite change of pace - we will read the entire testimony p.136-145 in Century of Christian Science Healing - to see how a grain of Christian Science can do wonders.

    Hi-lites of session on Wartime experience to learn from  

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  • What is it that gets cut off?

    I opened to Psalm 37 this morning,  

    and noticed in several places that the wicked shall be "cut off." Cut off from what I asked? From spiritual sense, came the answer. What does this mean? 

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  • What is my truth detector?

    We have all heard of the pattern - ten witnesses of one event will describe ten different versions of that one event. In the news, one day we read that the world had the warmest year on record, the next day we read the Antarctica ice is growing at a phenomenal rate and we have been entering a mini-ice age for the last decade.

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  • What is wisdom in practice?

    Another loaded question to consider. Be ready to share your thoughts on what wisdom is and how it is it to be gained. Bring supporting readings to support your findings.

    President Trump has declared Sept. 3 as a National Day of Prayer for the victims of the hurricane in TX/LA. We will take 30 minutes to watch in support of this.

    Playback of session on Wisdom in Practice  


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  • What to make of nasty events and people?

    Biocentrism is a popular new explanation for life and the universe by Dr. Lanza, one of the most highly regarded scientists of our time. Consciousness came first, and matter a temporal outcome... Sounds a lot like the revelation of Mary Baker Eddy. I have bought the book and will peruse it before presenting a comparison.

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  • Where is God on Mother's Day?

    An extreme wave of sentimentality overcame me this morning. Ah yes, it is Mother's Day. Anything wrong with sentimentality? Mother's Day was said to be the busiest day for long-distance phone calls. Isn't it a good thing that people express gratitude to their mother? I ask: Once a year???

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  • Who can I trust?

    Let's see now.

    Can I trust the media to inform me what is true? If you ask ten people about what they saw of an incident, you get ten different versions of "reality." If the media agrees on anything, you can be sure it is a narrative guided by those who have decided what you should think - not too reliable!

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  • Who has seen the wolf in sheep's clothing?

    We will have a short testimonial session for those who have seen the wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Hi-lites of session on Recognizing the wolf in sheep's clothing  

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