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  • How do we resist seeing evil as person?

    TEXT: "[Evil] is neither person, place, nor thing, but simply a belief, and illusion of material sense." (S&H)


    Be ready to discuss this - examples of evil as person, place, and thing. Then we will do a watch,

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  • Man is the expression of Soul. Are you?

    TEXT: Man is the expression of Soul. (S&H)

    Consider the following in the context of the Text.

    READING 1:

    from THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD by Eustace (p.766 bottom-of-the-page-numbering)

    Jesus said, to the right knower of his day, of today and all days, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” (Matt) Is it possible for that light not to shine? You are that light. The understanding that you have of the allness of Mind is the light, and that is the light of the world. If that light goes out, what is there to lighten the darkness and dispel it? Can you then sit down and say, I have no responsibility in this?

    Ask yourself how much responsibility you have taken. To what extent have you accepted this power, and used it - you who have all power to bind on earth that which should be bound, and to loose on earth that which should be loosed? Do you think that anything can acquit you of your responsibility?

    When the invitations went out to the marriage feast, Jesus said the excuses came. Each one had something to occupy his attention and so prevent him from being present at the feast. You are not in that position, making excuses, for your understand that the real marriage feast is the allness of Mind and your eternal oneness with Mind. There is no escape, and you have none, from the responsibility of being present at that feast. Because there is no escape, the question is a serious one. What am I actually doing to bind this lie of human belief and so find myself really present at this marriage, this oneness with Mind? There can be no sitting down and accepting this attack on prohibition, this attack on the government, this attack that is going on against every righteous activity. Can you avoid the responsibility of meeting the claim that Chicago or any other city is being overrun with so-called banditry? Are you vigorously knowing and seeing what the one activity is? 

    READING 2:

    Neither age nor accident can interfere with the senses of Soul,
    and there are no other real senses. It is evident that the
    body as matter has no sensation of its own,
    and there is no oblivion for Soul and its faculties. (S&H)

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  • Not IF but WHEN we are tempted

    Many of us have an inbred, silly optimism that because I am a good person, it will never happen to me... re temptation of the self-destructive nature. This is exemplified in our trust in government: "They would never do that because it is against the law." Yeah, right!

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  • Straight and narrow indicators?

    NOTE: session starts at 8:00 PM


    What is the straight and narrow to you? Bring a reading or two to support your position.

    What indicators do you use to insure you have not drifted out to the broad way to destruction?

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  • The precious example of Hannah

    The Bible story of Hannah and Samuel  

    Hannah was not able to have a child, which was a tragic state of affairs in those days. When she had reached the very depths of despair, she prayed earnestly - made a covenant with God - that if she were blessed with a child, she would give up him to serve in the temple. This prayer was strictly between her and her God - no witnesses.

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