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  • Power to become the sons of God

    TEXT: Please listen/study the first Bible Lesson in Miscellaneous Writings (p.180-185)

    Remember that you have never seen this before, because you have never been at this point in your spiritual development.

    The whole reading is about you - be sure to replace man with "I" or "me".

    DISCUSSION: Bring your impressions to share - something that is new to you from this reading at this time.

    Hi-lites of session on Power to become the sons of God   


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  • Subject: Ingratitude

    Please bring selections from the Bible and correlative passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to "handle" the sin of ingratitude.

    In total, we should cover how ingratitude enters, why it is deadly, and what is its antidote. Obviously each contributor cannot cover all this - just take the angle that "lights up" for you and we will let divine Mind complete the picture.

    Hi-lites of session on Ingratitude  


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