Spiritual harvests from material losses?

TEXT: (from "Admonition" by Mary Baker Eddy)

"Not by the hearing of the ear is spiritual truth learned and loved; nor cometh this apprehension from the experiences of others. We glean spiritual harvests from our own material losses. In this consuming heat false images are effaced from the canvas of mortal mind; and thus does the material pigment beneath fade into invisibility.

"The signs for the wayfarer in divine Science lie in meekness, in unselfish motives and acts, in shuffling off scholastic rhetoric, in ridding the thought of effete doctrines, in the purification of the affections and desires."


1. Can you think of how material losses have brought spiritual growth?

2. What does shuffling off scholastic rhetoric mean to you?

3. How about effete doctrines?

4. Examples of purification of affections and desires in your own experience?

Hi-lites from session on Loss is Gain