• A poem you have never heard before

    Perhaps you are familar with this poem, but in actual fact you have never heard it before, because your heart and soul have never been where they are now, as per God's law of progress.

    Listen and be thankful  

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  • How to speak so that it counts for something

    We have all felt the hurt of insensitive talk - and hopefully we have felt the pain of our own insensitivity in saying something that put a stone on another's heart - I say hopefully, because it takes a hardened heart to be oblivious to the impact of one's own words.

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  • Spiritual nature neither inherited nor taught

    Why is it that there is no record of a spiritual nature being passed from generation to generation? In the Bible, Samuel had a wonderfully spiritual nature, but his sons were hopelessly immoral. Mary Baker Eddy had one son who showed no indication of spirituality. Most spiritual luminaries in the Bible left no record of progeny. Even "the root of Jesse" prophesying the coming of Christ Jesus is symbolic, not genetic - the lineage of Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary!

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