• Can superstition and science merge?

    Recently, while hiking in the wilderness, I observed some young passer-bys earnestly trying to arrange their masks, nervously obeying six feet of social distancing in the name of COVID. It reminded me how, as a child, I was taught to believe it a dangerous offense to go swimming within an hour of eating. It was and is believed that science dictates these things.

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  • Democratic process or a few “smart” people

    I remember flying across the US on a perfectly clear day, looking down at the cities, the towns, the hamlets, the farms - the vast variety of life-styles, geography, etc. and marveling. Who dare think they would know what was best for all these people? Only incredible arrogance!

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  • Globalization - conspiracy or natural course?

    The assumption is that organizing mankind under one government will obviate nasty power struggles among nations and peoples, enable the proper distribution of goods across all mankind, eliminate poverty, control climate change, etc.

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  • With empirical knowledge and reason who needs prayer?

    Some have been up in arms at the mention of prayer at this time of coronavirus crisis, as though it would be a silly distraction from just getting the job done. The intimation is that prayer is a primitive thing and in this day and age, empirical knowledge/reason is the only intelligent rout. However, currently, media frenzy, and bitter politics seem to be leading the way. In the light of this, does anyone think we are in safe hands? “God help us!” is an aware response.

    The evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 provides an inspiring precedent.

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  • World peace/Globalism at any cost?

    There are those who earnestly believe that any action would be justified - including World War III! - to convince the general population that globalism is the answer to so many of the problems of mankind.

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