• Dissolving the hate bubble

    A certain prominent politician referred to a large segment of the population as “the deplorables.” Why? Because they did not get it. They did not grasp the politician’s highly intelligent view of the world and what was needed to make it a better place. “Snowflakes” is a term bandied about to describe those young people who care intensely about the underdogs in society but are all wrong on what to do about it.

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  • Enough with the accusations!

    It is a great step forward when we learn to "hear" the accuser, and recognize it for what it is, and neutralize it, defang it, destroy it.

    The accuser can be quite subtle, but when it is found out, it is the great red dragon, which accuses day and night, as described in Revelation. Today, people take prescription drugs to assuage the anxiety, and this makes the red dragon very happy because the victim is in its grasp, self-absorbed.

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  • Hatred in the world - what to do?

    After scanning through this article this morning: How Syria Came to This(warning! a heavy trip), after considering the virtual civil war in the US, etc., what can we do about it?! More often than not governments exacerbate the problem, and religions? forget about it!

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  • How to respond to news downers

    I don't know about you, but it seems every time I look at the news, there is an underlying tone of hatred and fear. It is mesmeric, and draws me into a very unholy state - disturbing, and in no way constructive. Aha! Another case where I need Truth! If not, I am going to go around with a cloud over my head, perhaps become bitter, demoralized. That can't be right!

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  • What to make of nasty events and people?

    Biocentrism is a popular new explanation for life and the universe by Dr. Lanza, one of the most highly regarded scientists of our time. Consciousness came first, and matter a temporal outcome... Sounds a lot like the revelation of Mary Baker Eddy. I have bought the book and will peruse it before presenting a comparison.

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