• A prayer for the social/economic upheaval of the world

    "It is 'a consummation devoutly to be wished' that all nations shall speedily learn and practise the intermediate line of justice between the classes and masses of mankind, and thus exemplify in all things the universal equity of Christianity.” (Miscellany)

    "In all things the universal equity of Christianity" is the will of divine Love.

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  • Does God answer prayer or is it will-worship?

    A while ago, I was encouraged to write down a list of things that I really wanted from the depths of my heart and to earnestly pray to God for them. I was promised that when I returned to the list later, I would be amazed at the results. Apparently, I did not do it right, because it was not my experience.

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  • How loving prayer can be hatred

    It could be a parent, a friend, a fellow-church member, a false practitioner, a minister, etc.:

    Dear Lord, Help so-and-so who is on a wrong path, to see the light.

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  • Where should prayer leave us?

    Where should prayer leave us? In the same place? Justified?  No. No.

    Less burdened and fearful, more grateful, more humble before our God, less material in our desires. Yes to all of these.

    In prayer, we enter into the secret place of the most high where the senses are quieted, and we commune with Spirit, laying our desires at His feet, and then moving on to acknowledging His perfection and goodness.

    This way we always benefit from prayer and are not caught up in looking to get what we want. "Not my will, but Thy will be done" is safe state to be and brings great blessing.


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  • With empirical knowledge and reason who needs prayer?

    Some have been up in arms at the mention of prayer at this time of coronavirus crisis, as though it would be a silly distraction from just getting the job done. The intimation is that prayer is a primitive thing and in this day and age, empirical knowledge/reason is the only intelligent rout. However, currently, media frenzy, and bitter politics seem to be leading the way. In the light of this, does anyone think we are in safe hands? “God help us!” is an aware response.

    The evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 provides an inspiring precedent.

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