• Can the invisible be trusted?

    In this age when empirical knowledge is king, when folks trust in science as the hope of mankind, it is not surprising that God has taken a back seat. After all, there is no evidence that He exists! And reality is defined by empirical evidence, right! God is best suited to dealing with death, and the belief of after-life - once science has given up and hands the body over to the priest.

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  • Compassion and entitlement like oil and water

    For generations the narrative of entitlement as the moral equivalent of compassion has been center stage in most of our educational and religious institutions. Unconditional love is held in high esteem, and so, ironically, God has become increasingly irrelevant. Professing unconditional love is the highest moral ground so who needs God. On the other hand, approaching God with an expectancy of entitlement simply does not work, so why bother?

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  • Gratitude feels good, ingratitude does not - why?


    Why does gratitude feel so much better than ingratitude? Ever notice that when you feel lousy you tend to have no sense of gratitude. It is a kind of hell. The sooner you find something to be grateful for the better. The perennial ingratitude justification that there is nothing to be grateful for is mesmeric. But even a little thing can turn the tide - a word, a flower, or even flush toilets! Once the ingratitude cycle is broken, it is easier to find other things to be grateful for, and this brightens our outlook, gives us strength to overcome whatever might be weighing on us!

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  • Has liberty lost its luster?

    As to liberty, the Bible puts a stake in the ground: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” What is this Spirit of the Lord? Perhaps most evident is that there is no fear there because Love is its essence, and Love and fear do not mix. 

    At this time, with state mandates and a growing censorship of free speech, it would appear that the Spirit of the Lord has lost its luster, and so liberty. But the Spirit of the Lord has not lost its luster, not in the least! It is materialism that has led mankind astray, as it always has - materialism that embodies sensuality to hide, for a time, its underlying hopelessness.

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  • Picture worth a lot of words

    We have just cut over to our refurbished website. Glad to be able to share these snapshots. The wonder of the perpetual originality and beauty of creation leads us to the Psalmist’s: “Be still, and know that I am God.”

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