• How meditation, studying can be counterproductive

    "I feel so good after meditating, or spending time ensconced in the books, reading the Holy Bible, etc. But my life is full of unsolved problems." What is going on here?

    The general drift with meditation is that you clear your thought of busyness, especially of negative thoughts, and you bathe in the goodness of God - or some such thing.

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  • Imbibing the spirit is not passive

    Too often imbibing the spirit means sitting in your prayer chair and soaking up the truth. Although this may provide a moment of elation, it has no staying power and provides little progress in Christian Science.

    Striving for consistent obedience to the requirements of Science will do far more. We use the seven synonyms of God to provide examples:

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  • Study the letter means what?

    Thousands upon thousands of theologians have dedicated their lives to the study and regurgitation of the every detail of the Holy Bible - volumes upon volumes have been written, endless debates about historical details, translations, etc. How much of all this has improved what Christ Jesus, the prophets and apostles have left us? Are the Christians of today more devout, more active than those of the first 300 years of Christianity?

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  • Tips on studying

    The studying we are talking about here has to do with the Bible and or Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. We are not talking about the kind of studying that leads to the accrual of knowledge. We are referring to the study that leads to a greater understanding of God, Spirit, and ourselves. Our premise is that God, divine Intelligence is communicating with us constantly. The study time is to consciously tune in. The books are a tool for doing this.

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