• Does consciousness get tired or sick?

    Have you ever felt tired one moment and then, without resting, have the tiredness disappear? Similarly with a feeling of sickness? Some people tend to indulge the slightest suggestion of tiredness or sickness and make a big deal of it. Others are more likely to shake the suggestions off and keep going. These are clearly mental suggestions of tiredness and sickness, and they are devilish, not our friends.

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  • How to think?

    I was speaking with someone recently who was bewailing the fact that people in general are never taught how to think. Some folks think, think, think but are just spinning their wheels, not getting anywhere. Others think themselves into a box, and are limited on all sides. Others go from one problem to another and never seem to get a break. We might say these are all victims of their own thinking.

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  • Look who's talking

    "Hearing voices" is usually associated with those who "have issues." Well, our consciousness is always active. Is it not a form of unspoken talking? "What a beautiful day! I am so happy. I feel anxious. I am not feeling well. I am a failure"

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