• A Guilty Conscience - the ultimate psyche-out?

    "It were better to be exposed to every plague on earth than to endure the cumulative effects of a guilty conscience. The abiding consciousness of wrong-doing tends to destroy the ability to do right.” (S&H) Pretty strong stuff!

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  • Are robots driving us to Spirit?

    It is said that robots will be replacing humans in a large portion of jobs in the next few decades years, everything from bank tellers, to anesthesiologist and other physicians. What's with these robots anyway? Will I soon be superfluous?

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  • Can the infinite just sit there forever?

    "The floodtides of Life, Truth, and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness." (MBE)

    Could it be otherwise? Can the infinite just sit there for ever? What a bore that would be! For that matter, can consciousness stay put? Try it! Ain't gonna happen.

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  • Closer than the air we breathe?

    What could be closer to us than the air we breathe - air in lungs, right next to heart, etc.? Certainly not anything physical. Air is as close as you can get.

    But what of love, things spiritual? Do these reside in some physical organ? Of course not. Here we get back to consciousness.

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  • Consciousness? What of it?

    I used to think that consciousness and thinking were kind of synonymous, because I never really thought about it. But lately...

    I am conscious of a heavy or light atmosphere. I am aware of my surroundings. I feel joy, etc. These are not thinking, although I might think about them. Nor are they necessarily the result of input from the physical senses. - Oh yes, and sometimes I am conscious of my thinking! 

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  • Does consciousness get tired or sick?

    Have you ever felt tired one moment and then, without resting, have the tiredness disappear? Similarly with a feeling of sickness? Some people tend to indulge the slightest suggestion of tiredness or sickness and make a big deal of it. Others are more likely to shake the suggestions off and keep going. These are clearly mental suggestions of tiredness and sickness, and they are devilish, not our friends.

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  • Look who's talking

    "Hearing voices" is usually associated with those who "have issues." Well, our consciousness is always active. Is it not a form of unspoken talking? "What a beautiful day! I am so happy. I feel anxious. I am not feeling well. I am a failure"

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  • Possession nine tenths of the law

    Too often we carry around a list of character traits and habits which we own. The undesirable ones we may even hate and make sporadic attempts to get rid of, but all the while we are in a state of possession. Is it any wonder they cling to us so tenaciously? "Possession is nine tenths of the law" applies here!

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  • Reasonableness can hide truth

    When the serpent beguiled Eve in the garden of Eden, it was very reasonable, easily showing that God's restriction of eating from the tree of knowledge was not reasonable.

    When Hitler beguiled the intelligentsia of Britain and the US, he was so reasonable that every reasonable person had to admit that he was a tremendous force for good and could not possibly have evil intentions!

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  • Virtual reality - really?

    Basic idea of virtual reality is to feed the physical senses with fabricated input in order to experience something that is not actually happening. Sound right? Gaming (computer games) is all about virtual reality.

    Well I was thinking about the 23rd Psalm - "The Lord is my shepherd"

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  • Why does he/she not get it?

    Sometimes it is difficult to understand why others just don't get it! But if we remember that we are all in different states and stages of consciousness, should it be surprising? Even siblings growing up together can be miles apart when it comes to a common understanding of things! Well, we can go through life with this underlying frustration, exasperation that others seem so dull! - or we can look deeper into things and resolve the conflict.

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