• Am I trying to please the Man upstairs?

    It is recorded in the Bible that a guy named Elihu told a guy named Job, If you sin, do you really think it bothers the Creator and Intelligence of the universe? Or if you do a good thing, do you think He is benefited? (Job 35 paraphrased) Today, thousands of years later (!), the questions still need to be asked because too many of us are still thinking and acting like God is manlike, needing our obedience and support!

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  • Charity or nothing!

    According to our audio selection today, you can speak beautifully, be able to prophesy about the future, have a great understanding of metaphysics, etc., faith to move mountains!!, generous with your money, even sacrifice your body - but without charity, it is worth zippo!!

    I Corinthians 13


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  • Devil in the details?

    I looked this up, and on it explained how this term is used, common to many of us, but that the expression "God is in the details" is slightly more common. Interesting! I suppose, either way, it is saying the same thing. Leaving God out of the details is leaving them to devil, so-to-speak. We don't buy the devil story, but what do we have when there is no light?

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  • How does one differentiate between good and evil?

    You have to be pretty bigoted to claim to know exactly where good ends and evil begins. Shakespeare recognized "There is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so." This is the human condition! So how can we discern what we need to.

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  • How does order become chaos?

    Today, Venezuala is a case study of how to turn order into chaos in jig time. Take a personality who knows exactly what is wrong in a society and how to fix it. In essence, the personality declares "I am God." Justice Brandeis warned against "beneficent tyranny". Because of the perceived good that is done, the laws of the universe are ignored, and the superstructure of the society soon crumbles.

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  • How loving prayer can be hatred

    It could be a parent, a friend, a fellow-church member, a false practitioner, a minister, etc.:

    Dear Lord, Help so-and-so who is on a wrong path, to see the light.

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  • If God is love, does He love?

    Is there a difference between "God loves us" and "God is love?"

    Acknowledging that God loves us can be comforting, strengthening, but if it leaves the door open to perhaps He does not love someone else, then it is personal. It is more difficult to conceive this kind of love covering each and every one. Nonetheless, there is a place where the idea of God loving me meets the need of the moment.

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  • If God knows evil...

    From the standpoint of God, the all-knowing, infinite, we are confronted with the following: God knows evil and therefore predestinates it, OR "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity:" (Habakkuk)

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  • Just how important is motive?

    Does it really matter what the motive is as long as the job gets done? Take a simple example - saying thank you to someone. In one case, it is a matter of custom and not heart-felt, in another it is to please the person, and in another case it is a genuine expression of gratitude, a recognition of the love expressed. We all know the difference. The first is sort of a dead ceremony - blah, blah; the second feels a little uncomfortable; the last motive touches the heart - feels good all around.

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  • Lesson from Jehoshaphat

    This morning I read about Jehoshaphat, king of Judah. He started well. Built defenses against Israel who had been threatening. (Ahab, the king of Israel, was the ultimate materialist, a God-sneering scumbag!) Jehoshaphat went to great lengths to bring his people back to the worship of God, and his nation prospered mightily. But next we read,

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  • Living it instead of believing in it

    This morning I opened to Paul's letter to the Colossians chapter 2. If this is not a warning of church organization, I don't know what is! This is what I get:

    "As you have received the Christ, Truth, use it.

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  • Love always faileth? I Corinthians 13 revisited

    I Corinthians 13 revisited.

    Though I am a superb lecturer leaving my audience uplifted and inspired,
    Though I have a profound understanding of metaphysics and the Bible, etc.,
    Though I have a tremendous healing record,
    Though I am incredibly generous with my wealth helping those in need,
    Though I am willing to sacrifice my body in service to others,

    ... and have not love, it is all worthless. WHAT???? I thought all this WAS love. What is going on here?

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  • Love is not optional

    Would you consider a mistake in math an option? Of course not! So with love. Should I love, or should I not? Dumb question. Here are some of the dumb excuses:

    1. Can't love unless I am feeling it.
    2. I have loved so-and-so many times, but no reciprocation - so forget it!
    3. I am not going to love an obnoxious person.
    4. I need love far more than he does.

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  • Nobody gets away with anything EVER - where is mercy?

    "There is no discount in the law of justice and that we must pay 'the uttermost farthing.' The measure ye mete 'shall be measured to you again,' and it will be full 'and running over.'" (S&H)

    There are three ways to respond to this imperative:

    First, you can embrace Principle (knowing that "The design of Love is to reform the sinner."S&H) and maintain a state of doubting your own judgement, turning to God for guidance, and asking honestly, “Father reveal to me my secret faults,” striving to do what is right by Him.

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  • Nothing new in the human condition

    The Book of Job is apparently the oldest book in the Bible - thousands of years old.

    It tells of a good man, very successful and wealthy, very devout. But his children were spoiled brats, and rather than deal with it, he prayed to God to protect them despite their selfish, "carnal" ways.

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  • Principle operates to liberate

    Laws of the universe operate to:

    Bind the stubborn will; - "I know what I am doing!"
    Wound the callous breast; - "Need around me - what need?"
    Make self-righteousness be still; - "I am fine. It is the rest of the world that is messed up."
    Break earth’s stupid rest. - "All is well. Life is good."

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  • Principle or love - a balancing act?

    Whether parenting or teaching or governing or... there is always the balancing of principle and love, the demand for obedience/conformity and the need for providing nurturing and support. In identifying synonyms for God, Mary Baker Eddy included Principle, which, unlike the other six synonyms, does not explicitly appear in the Bible. She often used Principle with Love, leading us to the recognition that, in essence, Principle and Love are the same stuff, and if understood, there is no balancing act required at all!

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  • The law to adversity

    If our starting point is a good God which never causes evil, what are we to do with adversity? Let's see now. We could bitch and moan, whimper, or perhaps condemn ourselves for letting bad things happen - OR, we could decide right then and there to get the full blessing from the experience. There is no doubt that the first responses listed here make us miserable and leave us only with a bag of troubles. The latter response aligns us with the Principle of the universe, and invariably leads us to a better place.

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  • The more you have, the more is required of you

    We've talked about the laws of the universe, the Golden Rule being one - "do to others as you would have them do to you." Another one is, "the more you receive, the more is required of you." Being spiritual laws, nobody is about to put you in jail for breaking them, however that does not make them less imperative, in fact they are absolutely inescapable.

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  • Thought control?

    Thought control has an ominous sound to it, especially if it pertains to someone controlling another's thought! Thought control goes hand in hand with will-power.  

    "The hypnotist dispossesses the patient of his individuality in order to control him."  (S&H)

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