• Independence Day sobriety test

    On this Independence Day, instead of wild celebration we would do well to consider these sobering words from Science and Health:

    Restrictive regulations

    In 1880, Massachusetts put her foot on a proposed tyrannical law, restricting the practice of medicine. If her sister States follow this example in harmony with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they will do less violence to that immortal sentiment of the Declaration, "Man is endowed by his Maker with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

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  • Evolution of man a dangerous myth

    Based upon the earliest Bible records, the heart of man has not evolved one iota over thousands of years. Job’s pride, shame, fear, self-righteousness, as well as his capacity for redemption, the materialism and sensualism of Sodom and Gomorrah - are these not characteristic of the modern man’s heart? Take any ancient Bible character, and you will find the same human heart that we are quite familiar with.

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  • God is not looking for yes-men

    The Bible story of Gideon illustrates beautifully that God is not looking for yes-men. Gideon was called to lead the Israelites against their oppressors, the Midianites, after seven years of tyranny. Gideon's response was, "Who? Me? You've got to be kidding! I'm not qualified." The angel messenger, who appeared as a stranger passing through, then gave Gideon a sign: when an elaborate dinner was place before the visitor on a rock, it exploded into fire and the angel disappeared. This convinced Gideon that the messenger was legit, and he followed instructions to break down some of the pagan altars among his own people.

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  • How does order become chaos?

    Today, Venezuala is a case study of how to turn order into chaos in jig time. Take a personality who knows exactly what is wrong in a society and how to fix it. In essence, the personality declares "I am God." Justice Brandeis warned against "beneficent tyranny". Because of the perceived good that is done, the laws of the universe are ignored, and the superstructure of the society soon crumbles.

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  • Tyranny? the people's voice will not be denied

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Lord Acton)

    Presently, we are seeing the manipulation of the media by the powers that be - to mislead and reinforce status quo against the will of the people and their best interests - particularly in the US, Britain, Europe.

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